Our Berlin Wall

December 4, 2008

i felt privileged to be at the Gateway yesterday.
thousands upon thousands of people walking, screaming and shouting slogans.
we need to make sure that this translates to deep and permanent change.

i don’t think our politicians even have a clue whats happening.

as i was walking, i suddenly turned around to see Priya Dutt walking along side. Probably the only politician there yesterday. As she said herself, the only language the politicians will understand is that of a vote bank.

we need to organize ourselves into a vote bank. – One that can vote – and influence votes.


3 Responses to “Our Berlin Wall”

  1. Ajoy – Great job. You are one of the few who have written something immediately. I do not want to debate on thousands of people, change etc. having written about it at different places by different people. BUT I do want to comment on Priya Dutt – supposedly attending as a citizen according to her comment. Can you be a politician without being a citizen? And the Vote Bank, YES absolutely the reason for her to be there, with the bandra & celebrity crowd – Limousine Liberals. Unless the votes are People Driven forgetting caste, creed, party, the vote bank would be of no use.

  2. Swapna Says:

    How nice to see you actively blogging. I miss being in Mumbai right now.
    It feels like a revolution has begun.. whether it is a slow brewing one or one that will flame up fast is to be seen. But revolution it is. 🙂

  3. ajoy krishnamurti Says:

    hey – priya dutt was the only one who had the guts to be there. she earns my respect for that!

    2. as for vote banks – i agree. but all the more a reason to make a begining right/ which is why we need the right person to lead the initiative.

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