“Never criticize NDTV or Barkha Dutt again”

January 29, 2009

ndtv gets chaitanya kunte to apologise for the post on his blog.

and here’s the original one (see the last post)

and here’s where i read about it – comicproject.blogspot.com

this is so ridiculous.

NDTV – have you guys lost it?


2 Responses to ““Never criticize NDTV or Barkha Dutt again””

  1. citizens4change Says:

    Let’s see how long this goes on!

  2. ashok pai Says:

    the media in india has seriously lost it. they talk trash and expect no one to point their mistakes. and when someone does – they do this power exercising ….

    so much for media integrity, or fairness.

    they are nothing but rabble rousers –

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