September 24, 2010

Being an Apple Fanboy for the last couple of years, its hard for me to admit, but it looks like the Samsung Tab will be better than the iPad.

it goes to the core of what a tablet is good for:

1. its a lot more portable – and instantly on – and here, the Samsung scores with a smaller size – 7″ vs 10″ for the iPad. rumours are that there’s a smaller iPad in the works.

2. watching videos – a larger size definitely scores, but given that i’ve seen people standing outside the loo on the mumbai – pune trains watching video on mobile phone screens, portability trumps screen size. i think 7″ is better again.

3. two cameras and video conferencing / chat – i love this – something the iPad can’t do as yet. will the camera be useful – i think so – quite like the idea of a 7″ digital viewfinder even if its kinda clunky.

4. reading – can’t say yet – but i’m not giving up my kindle in a hurry (love its battery life besides the range of content on amazon)

5. range of apps – i’m sure that there will be a lot more apps customized for tablets that will turn up in the android market, than there are.

common to both the tablets – being always connected will be critical. the current wi-fi only might be a little limiting.

Samsung pricing it higher than the iPad – sounds cooky, given the general cool factor of owning an Apple device vs anything else, but the fact is – it has a far richer feature set.

would love to pre-view and test the Tab. How about sending one across to test Samsung?

to see a video of the tab, go to:  http://galaxytab.samsungmobile.com/



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