Spent an hour at the iStore at Mahalakshmi with a very helpful bloke called Arjun.

Took my portable hard drive and a couple of old cd’s / dvd’s along.

Realized that:
1. most of the files i have are either photographs – or windows – office files – word, excel and powerpoint! so definitely need ms office for mac – and that adds another 9k to the cost of the mac.
2. while dual boot with windows looks simple, it beats the purpose, right? why use the mac hardware to run windows if you can avoid it. it also forces you to partition the hard disk for the second OS – and the space – and the files created on windows can be used only by windows – rather schizofrenic! also adds the cost of windows OS + anti-virus.
3. an alternative is to use parallels – to use windows applications within the mac OS – virtualization rather than dual boot using boot camp. problems – slows down the mac dramatically – and costs 13k. so going to try to stay away from that too.
4. should not have problems connecting to my wi-fi:-)
5. no on site support for mac-books. something i’m rather used to – for my desktops. when my amateur fiddling around fails.
6. need to get a cable to hook up displays – top use with projectors for presentations. cable not available now. add between  1 and 2 k for this.
7. should i get iWork – the mac equivalent of MS Office – while it seems better and more intuitive – am not too sure. either ways i’ll end up having to export all the files to the office file formats (note – you need to export each time – you can’t save to these formats by default)
8. apple care – 13 K for three years for a machine that costs about 75 K. does not cover “man-handling”(sic). very expensive – is’nt it? and since i think man-handling is what is likely to cause the biggest issues – i – mean coffee on the keyboard, or a broken screen ( i have broken the screen of a laptop because the backpack it was in fell down; and another time, i sat on palm pilot (remember palm – pilots?))
so thats round two of the “khod kaam”.

see you guys.
enjoy the weekend.