Every channel and radio station seems to have gotten started with leading their campaigns for change – reading the mood of us “aam janta’, but are they taking it too far?

the india today groups’ pledge – and their constant airing of it – seemed way over the top even to me – and i am a lot less cynical than i used to be. we’ve shed our thick skins and are very sensitive to something that does not seem authentic.

c’mon guys – report, create platforms for people to interact – get experts in to analyse and help make sense of these.

shape the message – don’t become the message.

And plllllease – security before sensationalism.


Mr. Ratan Tata?

December 3, 2008

The attack on Mumbai was bad enough without our politicians making us seethe with their shallow and insensitive statements. We are angry and disgusted.
And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it pulls us out of our middle class apathy. It will probably be the only good thing to come out of the Mumbai attacks. How do we channelize it to make sure that we are truly able to make a difference? To make sure that this opportunity is not frittered away?
Groups of people are now fragmenting – holding candlelight marches (there is nothing wrong with them – whether or not you wear lipsticks or ties), or sending representations. Almost everyone is addressing the issues around the terror attack. We are asking for better working between the intelligence agencies, better equipment for those who fight terror, a command and control mechanism and so on. But these are just the table stakes – Mr. Chidambaram will probably announce ways of fixing these on Friday.
And I am scared that in a couple of weeks, we’ll stop – either satisfied with what we’ve done, or unsatisfied that we are not able to make a difference and go back to our apathetic lives.
The act of terror torched the anger – but that’s not what disgusts us. It’s that the people who represent us – just don’t seem to get it. They talk blame, we want accountability. They talk regions and religions and caste. We want them to talk to us as one – as Indians. We want them to act responsibly. They continue to be their bickering narrow minded selves.
We’re looking for hope and healing. And doing the right thing.
We can try to elect a different set of people – but its going to take time. In the meanwhile, we need to send a clear message in the only language our “neta’s” understand – VOTES. That we represent votes – and can influence votes and that its time they clean up their act.
We need to create an organization that will exert direct political control using its members and media to bring transparency and accountability to the political system. And bring trust and decency back to public life.
Doing this requires us to act in concert. And that needs a unifier – a face, a person we can rally around putting our differences aside. We need someone incorruptible, someone who has the courage of conviction to do the right thing, someone who understands what it is to lead a disparate group, someone who is well known and trusted around the country.
The first name that comes to my mind is Ratan Tata. What do you think?